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23 September 2010 ~ Comments Off

Cranberry Thanksgiving

I’m going to spend this week of posts giving you some great Thanksgiving resources.  My favorite Thanksgiving resource is the children’s book Cranberry Thanksgiving.  My children and I have enjoyed this book so much.  We read it

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20 September 2010 ~ Comments Off

Boost Your Homeschool with These Websites

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11 September 2010 ~ Comments Off

Teaching about Banking and Money

I used to be a bank teller and love working with money.  This is a great site for teaching kids about banking and money You can choose the java or non-java version when viewing this site.  Here’s a quote from the site: “We suggest you begin your journey with Penny, following through to Dollar […]

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07 September 2010 ~ Comments Off

Best Homeschooling Resources

The best homeschooling resources can be found in many places?  After all these years of homeschooling I would have to say that the evaluation of best resources depends on the individual parent and children.  One parent might think that a certain website, curriculum or book is the best resource, but

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