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Homeschool Math

What kind of supplies or tools do you need to teach homeschool Math?  Math doesn’t have to be a chore.  When things get stale, change things up and have a good attitude.  Whole some writing is required in math, in the early grades you can teach

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22 August 2011 ~ Comments Off

Abeka Curriculum Review

Here’s another review I wrote – this one is about Abeka Homeschool curriculum. I hope it’s helpful. Let me know what you think.

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16 August 2011 ~ Comments Off

Cheap Homeschool Resources

In these economic times cheap homeschool resources are always a good idea. Homeschool Moms are know to be some of the most resourceful people on the planet.  They can figure out how to make food money stretch beyond what it did several years ago. They can figure out how to make a normal book come […]

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