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26 September 2011 ~ Comments Off

Do you need a homeschool curriculum?

Many people purchase a homeschool curriculum every year, but is it necessary?  Are you thinking about putting together your own resources or purchasing a curriculum this year?  This article will help you get some insight and make an informed decision whatever option you choose.  Read more here…

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20 September 2011 ~ Comments Off

Aleks Math Review

In the past year I came across a program called Aleks (which stands for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces). Basically it is an online math system where you can enroll your children in a course and let them do all their math work online. The course keeps track of their progress and sends reports […]

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16 September 2011 ~ Comments Off

Internet Field Trip

I thought I would start an Internet field trip series this week. Whether the weather is cold and you don’t feel like going out or if you have little ones at home and can’t take the older ones out or you just want to take some virtual field trips, these links should help you.

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13 September 2011 ~ Comments Off

Hank the Cowdog Review

I have been asked to review the  Hank the Cow Dog books, tapes and game.  We have never heard of these books before although they seem to be very popular on the Internet and have been around for 26 years. Our favorite part of the review package

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04 September 2011 ~ Comments Off

More Picture Books to Use for Homeschool Science

I have found more picture books to use for Homeschool Science, so I thought I would share them with you. So many moms think they have to teach a ton of Science or get a curriculum to be able to teach effectively. For the younger grades, I believe

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01 September 2011 ~ Comments Off

Moon Facts

With the beginning of summer and talk of the Summer Solstice, it gives you a good opportunity to talk about the moon. Here’s a great website with pictures and simple explanations about the moon and it’s features. Moon dot to dot –

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