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29 October 2011 ~ Comments Off

Mystery of History Review

I thought I would give you a Mystery of History review since it’s one of my favorite History resources. There are 3 volumes that are written by Linda Hobar, a Christian homeschool Mom. In each volume you will get 36 weeks of lessons organized

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26 October 2011 ~ Comments Off


As part of the Homeschool Crew AVKO has issued us a membership to their site in exchange for an honest review. I’ll give you my best attempt at telling you what this site has to offer and what I think about it. AVKO is a non-profit organization the uses multi-sensory methods to teach

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23 October 2011 ~ Comments Off

Black Friday Shopping

What does Black Friday Shopping have to do with homeschooling?  Plenty!  If you are homeschooling, you most likely have children, and if you have children you, more than likely, will be buying some sort of Christmas presents!The adventure of Black Friday Shopping has been a tradition in our extended family for years now.  I thought […]

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20 October 2011 ~ Comments Off

Web Design for Kids (…. and Curious Grown-Ups)

I have had the privilege of reviewing the DVD Web Design for Kids over the past month. Many times children can figure out how to create a web page or do anything on the computer better than adults. With this program,

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11 October 2011 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool History Video

I recently found a great homeschool history video that I thought was entertaining enough to hold my teens attention, yet educational enough to teach them something. I emailed it to each of my teenage daughters and told them to watch it on their own and email me back what they thought of it.  I even […]

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05 October 2011 ~ Comments Off

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Virtual Tour

I just found this cool online tour of the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. This first week of summer always makes me think of ice cream. Watching this virtual tour will definitely make you want some ice cream. You can even look up where you can find a Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop or […]

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