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29 November 2011 ~ Comments Off

Great American Backyard Campout

Did you know that there is an annual Great American Backyard Campout? This year the campout is Saturday June 28th! This is a nation-wide event. You can register your campout and get all kinds of tips, guides, recipes, and more. You can even share your photos and stories on the site. Check it out… Great […]

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26 November 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Homeschool Multiplication Help

Here is a website I found that is really fun for children (especially boys) to help reinforce their times tables. You can download the program for free. They have to answer multiplication facts before they can open doors in the castle. This program makes you want to enter the answers so that you can keep […]

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23 November 2011 ~ Comments Off

Geography for Kids

Here’s a great site you and your children will enjoy.  There are some fun quizzes you can take that tell you how much (or little) you know about geography. This site covers earth structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, BGC cycles, and climates. Send your children an email with this site and tell them to take a […]

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20 November 2011 ~ Comments Off

Even More Internet Field Trips

Are you ready for even more Internet field trips? Ready or not – here they are.

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14 November 2011 ~ Comments Off

Moon Sand Review

Here’s my moon sand review. My son has been wanting Moon Sand for a very long time. I finally broke down and let him get some. He got the Moon Sand Castle Play although we debated getting the Moon Sand Adventure Island.  It’s fun to touch and squeeze and I must say that they have […]

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07 November 2011 ~ Comments Off

Schoolhouse Planner

I’ve been chosen to be one of the product reviewers for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, so you get the benefit of reading my reviews at this blog.   To start things off I’m going to tell you about the The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner. It’s quite a book, let me tell you. Some people might be […]

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04 November 2011 ~ Comments Off

Gatorade Deep Body Tour

Here is a little slide show that shows what Gatorade does for each of your body systems when it enters your bloodstream.  You can view it in about a minute. Your children might enjoy watching this and learn something too!  http://www.gssiweb.comDeepBodyTour.aspx For more homeschool articles, tips and resources check out Homeschool-How-To

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