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Virginia Soaps and Scents Review

Our homeschooling adventures have never involved making our own soap. They have involved using homemade soap before, but not making it. I had also never heard of Virginia Soaps and Scents before until a little package arrived at my door. Apparently

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27 May 2012 ~ Comments Off

More Educational Toys for Christmas

That last post became quite long, so I decided to continue my list of educational toys for Christmas here….

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21 May 2012 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool Art Curriculum

A homeschool art curriculum sounds like such a good idea. I’m not creative, nor can I draw, so this is even more appealing to me. My views of art were challenged when I recently attended an art seminar presented by a local art therapist.  She works with all kinds of people from children up through […]

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18 May 2012 ~ Comments Off

Printable Worksheets and Games

Along with the last site I found, here is another link from that site.  They have lots of great printable worksheets and games.  You will find skip counting sheets, maps, charts, crafts, famous places, and much more.  Who needs to buy workbooks anymore when you have the Internet?!!  Check it out and print away…

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15 May 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Good Typing Program

If you’ve had trouble getting your children to learn how to use the keyboard like I have, I’d like to share a free program that is working for us. The website where you can get this program is . It’s all free. My daughters do this every day without being asked. I think there’s […]

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12 May 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Picture Books to Use for Homeschool Science

For the elementary grades I always recommend using picture books for homeschool Science. You can use boring textbooks if you want,

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06 May 2012 ~ 2 Comments

Apologia Science Review

I have looked at and used many homeschool Science books and materials, but none compare with Apologia Science. When my daughters were younger we used

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Homeschool Field Trips

If you’re anything like me, one of the few things you remember about public school were the field trips. We’re they fun? That’s what I like so much about homeschooling – we can take field trips to so many interesting places! I’ve written up some homeschool field trip ideas on

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