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Bookmooch – Watch out it can be addicting

Today is my birthday, so I thought I would give you one of my best freebie ideas.  I found this a few weeks ago and just love it.  The concept is that you register with this company for free and list any books that you want to give away.  You also list any books that you want.

They let you know by email if someone wants your book.  Then you ship the book to the person and get points for giving the book away.  When one of your wanted books becomes available the book is shipped to you free of charge as long as you have accumulated enough points.  So the only cost to you is the cost of shipping the books to people that want your books.

I have sent books but not received any yet, but then I asked for fairly new books.  I’m sure in time I will receive exactly what I want for FREE.

“I use a web site called BookMooch to exchange books with others.


I have found it a useful way to get rid of my old books, and get books for free in exchange.

The site is commercial free and costs nothing to use.”

Let me know how it works for you!

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