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30 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

How to Use Magazines for Homeschooling

I had never thought to use magazines for homeschooling until the other day when I went to throw one out. My son said that he wanted to use it. He wanted to cut out the pictures and make a book. “What a great idea.” I thought.

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24 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

More Thanksgiving Resources

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Thanksgiving resources.To start things off, here is a website that you can go to that has detailed instructions on how to make a cornhusk doll. For a cute Thanksgiving centerpiece you can

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28 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Lesson Planet Review

I found yet another website that I had not discovered before called Lesson Planet. I received a free membership for a couple of months for review and boy was I surprised….

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06 June 2012 ~ Comments Off

ABC Teach Review

I’m sure many public school teachers have heard of ABC Teach, but I don’t  know how many homeschoolers have ever seen this great site. You can find over 5000 pages of free worksheets and pages you can print to use for homeschooling. If you like what you see and want even more,

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21 May 2012 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool Art Curriculum

A homeschool art curriculum sounds like such a good idea. I’m not creative, nor can I draw, so this is even more appealing to me. My views of art were challenged when I recently attended an art seminar presented by a local art therapist.  She works with all kinds of people from children up through […]

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08 April 2012 ~ Comments Off

Graphics Toolbox Review

You wouldn’t think that a homeschool Mom would need a program like Graphics Toolbox, but after you use it

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15 April 2011 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool Music Curriculum

I talked, in a previous post, about the art seminar I took.  This time I’m going to explain how that seminar relates to our homeschool music curriculum. I was talking to some moms at the seminar about one of my daughters that I think is talented in music but hates practicing and lessons.  She used […]

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15 March 2010 ~ Comments Off

Artistic Pursuits Review

Artistic Pursuits was given to me recently to review. I have a daughter in 8th grade, so I gave it to her to look over and use. She loves art, so I thought this program would be a good fit for her. Artistic Pursuits is a non-consumable art program

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20 November 2008 ~ Comments Off

Thanksgiving Resources

I have collected some Thanksgiving resources for you to use this season.  I will be posting more right up until Thanksgiving.  Let me know what you think. Here’s a great site – Thanksgiving crafts for ages K-3.  In order to get the PDFs of the booklets you have to be a member of their site, […]

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