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24 October 2012 ~ Comments Off

Homework – Juggling Home, Work, and School without Losing Your Balance Review

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has a new book out called Homework – Juggling Home, Work, and School without Losing Your Balance. The book is a compilation of home business stories from many home schooling and home working Moms. While reading this book, you feel like you are able to get into the heads of these […]

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27 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

Holiday Planning Tips

We’re getting down to crunch-time now so I thought I would include some holiday planning tips. You’re probably feeling the pressure

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09 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

Sue Patrick Workbox System

I had the privilege of receiving a review copy of the Sue Patrick Workbox System for being on the Old Schoolhouse Crew review team. I can’t believe that I have never seen this system before after all these years of homeschooling. What is it you ask? Basically,

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19 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool Burnout

Someone wrote and asked me a question about what to do if you feel burned out on homeschooling or if you aren’t sure if you’re doing too many unnecessary things in homeschooling.  Here is my answer.  I thought I would share it with all of you too: Thank you for your kind words.  Yes, I […]

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21 April 2012 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool Mentoring in Action

I recently received a review copy of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s new weE-book on homeschool mentoring in action. It’s called Missing in Action or Mentoring in Action? If you’re not familiar with weE-books, basically they are just books that

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15 March 2012 ~ Comments Off

How to Manage it All

Here’s a fun site that a friend told me I just HAD to try, so I did.  It’s a place where you can keep track of all your family’s activities on a calander, keep track of all your lists and be able to access them from a mobile phone, enter family pictures and get a […]

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23 January 2012 ~ Comments Off

The Duggers: 20 And Counting Review

Since I recently read this book I thought I would do a The Duggars: 20 and Counting review. A friend sent me a video by email a few months ago about this wonderful homeschooling family that just had their 18th child. I don’t know what it is about big families that intrigues us, but most […]

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07 November 2011 ~ Comments Off

Schoolhouse Planner

I’ve been chosen to be one of the product reviewers for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, so you get the benefit of reading my reviews at this blog.   To start things off I’m going to tell you about the The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner. It’s quite a book, let me tell you. Some people might be […]

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23 October 2011 ~ Comments Off

Black Friday Shopping

What does Black Friday Shopping have to do with homeschooling?  Plenty!  If you are homeschooling, you most likely have children, and if you have children you, more than likely, will be buying some sort of Christmas presents!The adventure of Black Friday Shopping has been a tradition in our extended family for years now.  I thought […]

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16 July 2011 ~ Comments Off

Exercise and Fitness for Homeschool Moms

I know it sounds impossible, but exercise and fitness for homeschool moms CAN be a reality. Whether you weight 100 pounds or 300 pounds, you need to get/stay in shape and keep moving each day. Here are some tips for staying fit, fitting in exercise, and setting a good example of fitness for your children….

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01 July 2011 ~ Comments Off

Avoid Homeschool Burnout

Homeschool burnout can happen at any time of year, but Spring time seems to be a popular time for it. If you’re suffering from homeschool burnout, feel it coming on or just want to find some ideas on how to avoid it if it happens to creep in, then you’ll want to look at this […]

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12 April 2011 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool Planner

I thought you would enjoy this free homeschool planner that I made up. This is what I use every year to plan out what each child will be doing and what books and resources I need to purchase

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16 June 2010 ~ Comments Off

Homeschooling in the Summer – Is it necessary or not?

Summer is almost here and life is changing a little in our house as Dad is off for the summer. This prompted me to think about what we are going to do this summer. My philosophy is that whether you homeschool all summer or not, whatever you do, make sure it is the best thing […]

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02 July 2009 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool Curriculum Fairs – No Time to Go?

I know how hectic things can get around here and how hard it is for me to get a way for even a day. I haven’t been to a homeschool curriculum fair in many years. Part of that is because of time and

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22 April 2009 ~ Comments Off

Mind Mapping – Freemind Review

What does mind mapping have to do with homeschooling you ask? Plenty! I wanted to bring you this Freemind review to let you know about a nifty little program you can use in many aspects of homeschooling or home business. If you’re not familiar with mind mapping,

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13 March 2009 ~ Comments Off

Organized Parenting

I recently came across a book called The Complete Guide to Organized Parenting (at the bottom of that page) written by Barbara Myers. She is a professional organizer, mom and website owner who has put together this exhaustive resource. You may think, “Is organized parenting really possible?” I’ve read many organizing books over the years […]

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