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21 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

Someone sent me this Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection. It’s pretty cool!¬† You take apart an owl pellet and then it tells you the names of the bones and where it fits for reconstruction. This is a lot better than me trying to figure out what part it is and where it fits.¬† I’m going to […]

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09 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Math Problems Solved

Have you ever been stuck on a math problem and just couldn’t figure it out? Well, WebMath can help you the next time that happens. You just choose the area you are having trouble with and then enter the problem. This is especially helpful for upper level math. Here’s the link… WebMath.

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08 April 2012 ~ Comments Off

Graphics Toolbox Review

You wouldn’t think that a homeschool Mom would need a program like Graphics Toolbox, but after you use it

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30 March 2012 ~ Comments Off

Learn Guitar DVD – Jean Welles Worship Class Review

If you want to learn guitar on DVD, you might want to check out the Jean Welles Worship Guitar class. Volume one is a 68 minute DVD with 7 lessons in both English and Spanish. I can play guitar now!! Well,

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07 February 2012 ~ Comments Off

Summer Garden

On this first day of summer, you may be thinking that it is too late to put in a garden if you haven’t already. Truth is, there is still lots of time to plant a garden. You might even get some great deals on plants at your local nursery or garden center. You can plant […]

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23 January 2012 ~ Comments Off

The Duggers: 20 And Counting Review

Since I recently read this book I thought I would do a The Duggars: 20 and Counting review. A friend sent me a video by email a few months ago about this wonderful homeschooling family that just had their 18th child. I don’t know what it is about big families that intrigues us, but most […]

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26 October 2011 ~ Comments Off


As part of the Homeschool Crew AVKO has issued us a membership to their site in exchange for an honest review. I’ll give you my best attempt at telling you what this site has to offer and what I think about it. AVKO is a non-profit organization the uses multi-sensory methods to teach

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25 June 2011 ~ Comments Off

7 Habits

The 7 Habits books have become very popular. There are books for adults, teens, and business people. Here’s my opinion on what the 7 habits of successful homeschoolers would be. You can read them all here….

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22 May 2011 ~ Comments Off

How to Avoid Homeschool Burnout

Homeschooling can become stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips that you can use now to help you avoid burning out on homeschooling. Read the whole article here…

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19 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool in the Woods – Map Resources

Even though most people have heard of Homeschool in the Woods, I guess I have been in the dark about this company and their resources. I received a review copy of their map resources and was so

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04 June 2010 ~ Comments Off

Home School Reviews

As you probably know from all my posts this year, I was part of the Old Schoolhouse Home school reviews crew. In case you wanted to see what the crew voted on as their favorite products, I have posted them here for you. Enjoy! Favorite Language Arts Product :¬†Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services (EDUDPS) Favorite History […]

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