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Cheap Homeschool Books

Here are a few ideas for finding cheap homeschool books. Depending on how much money and time you have, will determine how diligently you use this advice. If you have hardly any money to spend on homeschooling, then you will have to trade some of your time looking for deals or using the library. If you have plenty of money (who does these days) and not much time, then you can just buy books at retail and save yourself lots of stress.

If you know exactly what you want to purchase, you can do this:

– Check with your local support group members or post a request in their newsletter (if they have one) asking if anyone has the book(s) that you need for sale or trade. Sometimes people want to sell their books but never get around to listing them on eBay or putting them into a used book sale. If they hear of someone that needs it, they are usually more than happy to sell or trade for a good price.

–  Type the ISBN in quotes into a Google search. If you were looking for the book Homeschooling for Success you would type “0446678856” in theGoogle search window. It will tell you where that book can be found for sale. You can then check those websites and compare prices.

You can check the major sellers of used books like Amazon, eBay, homeschool classifieds, Rainbow Resources, and any others that you have heard about. Be aware that cheap homeschool books can more likely be found from September through January. February through August tend to be high volume months for homeschool book sales, so prices will tend to be higher during those times. I have sold many books in August and have gotten top dollar for them because people were so desperate for them.

If you don’t want to mess with trying to buy cheap homeschool books used, here are a few suggestions for books that I have found that can be very reasonably priced when purchased new.

Spectrum Workbooks – These workbooks come in all subjects for elementary grades. They include Writing, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Test Practice, Geography, Spelling, Language Arts, and Phonics. For less than $10 per subject you could have a workbook as a basis for your studies and then supplement with good books from the library.

Christian Liberty has always been known for their reasonably priced books. You can get SpellingPhonics, Handwriting, Nature Readers, and History Readers all for less than $10 per subject.

My favorite cheap History resource is a little booklet called Turning Back the Pages of Time. It doesn’t look like much but it has short lists of books that you can use for different eras of American History. You just decide what period of History you want to study and then get those books from the library and read them to your children over the course of the year. This book will last you for several years!

There are also all kinds of places where you can find free homeschool worksheetsfree math worksheets, and help with all homeschool subjects.

If you like using the Internet for homeschooling and all the free resources available there, you might like Internet Resources for Homeschooling. It’s only $9.95 but will give you 10 times that back in free content off the Internet.

Cheap homeschool books can be found if you know where to look. I hope this post was helpful. Let me know if you know of anything that applies here that I didn’t mention.

 Cheap Homeschool Books

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