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Homeschool Learning Style

Have you ever thought about evaluating your homeschool learning style? Ultimately everyone has their how learning style and the sooner you know your child’s style the better.

Most people are familiar with the “big 3″ learning styles – visual, kinesthetic, and auditory, but there is so much more to assessing and evaluating learning styles beyond these. Although these 3 are helpful, you can get an even better view of how your child views and reacts to the world with a learning style assessment.

I had my children take a learning style assessment last year and found out so much more about them from it. As siblings they were able to understand each other better too. Now they know why a certain sibling acts the way they do sometimes.

The assessment helped me to know how my children organize things, how they discover things, how they interact with others and how they create.

It showed me their talents and interests to a level that I have never seen before. I spend MANY hours with my children and yet I learned something about each one of them through this homeschool learning style assessment that I didn’t know before.

You even learn what type of environment your child functions in the best. You as a parent can even take an assessment. You might might learn a few things about yourself or help your child understand why you do and need what you do.

I learned that one of my children scored VERY high in interacting with animals and nature, while another child score on the complete opposite end of that spectrum icon smile Homeschool Learning Style God does have a sense of humor doesn’t He?  Most of my children scored very evenly on the “big 3″ so I was glad to get some more detail from this assessment of how my children learn and interact with others.

I would recommend your child be at least 8 before taking this test on their own. I suppose you could go through the questions orally with them before that.

For more information and a $5 discount per student, check out this homeschool learning style assessment page.

Let me know what kind of experience you’ve had with learning styles.

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