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How to Teach About Electricity Review

Here is my review of How to Teach Electricity for Ages 8-13 by Susan Kilbride. I have reviewed her books in the past and this is her newest book now on Kindle. I read the book on my computer but people can also read it on their phones, ipods, ipads, etc as long as they have the Kindle app.electircity 300x300 How to Teach About Electricity Review

This book is a great resource and activity book when teaching about electricity. The pictures are easy to follow and give you step by step directions on how to do all the activities. Susan starts out by mentioning that students need to have a good idea of atoms before they start this book. Her first book Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers covers that if you want to use that as a resource. You can download the atoms & molecules chapter from that book for free here.

At the front of the book is a complete materials list of all the items needed to complete all the activities in the book. I love clear and straightforward directions! There is also a section on safety and then the book goes right into the concepts about electricity that will be covered.

Each concept is explained and then followed by several activities to be completed in order to complete the unit. We all know that the more senses one uses, the better they will remember what they study. In this case, lots of senses can be used because students are reading AND doing and then probably talking about what they are doing with their parents. There are 6 concepts included in this book. I’m sure that once a student or family completed all 6 concepts and activities under each concept, they would have a very good idea of how electricity works.

The book is not terribly long and could be used for a 6 week unit on electricity taught with one concept in the book each week. Parents could also do all the projects in a week or so or make the unit last even longer by supplementing with books to read about electricity. For even more information about How to Teach About Electricity for Ages 8-13 and Susan’s other books, you can check her website www.funtasticunitstudies.com

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