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How to Use Magazines for Homeschooling

I had never thought to use magazines for homeschooling until the other day when I went to throw one out. My son said that he wanted to use it. He wanted to cut out the pictures and make a book. “What a great idea.” I thought.

We laid the magazines out on the floor and started cutting. I gave him some blank paper as the basis for his book and then he started gluing the pictures where he wanted them. I encouraged him to write words on the page. Then he suggested we cut out words too so that he could put those with the pictures. So we started cutting out more pictures and words and pasting them all over these pages for his book.

He enjoyed deciding which pages went first and second. It’s interesting what children decide to put on a page. Some things that I would cut out are not what he cut out. He really enjoys building and cooking, so many of his pictures included furniture, food, and houses.

Magazines can be used to gather information, but there are so many advertisements in magazines anymore that it’s hard to find information. You can have your children make a collage of something that you are studying. If you are studying the four food groups, you can divide their paper into 4 sections and have them cut out pictures of food and place them in the proper sections. When talking about missions you can have your children cut out pictures of people’s faces and paste them on a paper and talk about how God made each one of them and how we need to love and pray for each person we meet.

If you are studying animals or a certain type of animal, you can have your children search magazines for pictures of animals and make a collage of a certain type of animal or just animals in general.

As homeschool moms we should always be on the lookout for ideas we can use for homeschooling. Using magazines for homeschooling is just another idea we can use to enrich our children’s learning and make learning fun.

Feel free to share any ideas you have…

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