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Kitchen Table Play and Learn Review

I recently came across a book called Kitchen Table Play and Learn by Copley & Custer. The subtitle caught my attention “Activities and lessons for building your preschooler’s vital developmental skills.

The book starts out with some questions that someone would have when starting out this book. Then it moves into the developmental skills that you will be working on if you use this book.

You get a complete list of materials you need and how to prepare a lesson. Then the rest of the book is broken down into 30 lessons with 9-13 activities per lesson. Basically, you would use one lesson per week. You could teach a couple activities a day or several activities 3 days a week or the whole lesson in one 2-3 hour period.

This book can be taught to one child but could also be used for a group of children. I don’t know if I would go to this much trouble for just 1 child.

Some lesson titles are: Ocean, Transportation, Apples, Fire & Stranger Safety, Savanna, Health and Nutrition, and Winter Days.  All the lessons look pretty sound, but for my style requires far too much preparation and gathering of supplies.

The second lesson is called School Days and would be the only one I might skip if I wanted my child to be homeschooled past preschool. If you are intending on sending your child to school, then it should fit right in with the rest of the lessons.

I love little kids and love helping them learn. If I ran a preschool or really wanted to spend a lot of time teaching my preschooler, then I would use this book. Otherwise, this book is just not my style. I prefer to have resource boxes and use picture books to encourage my children to think and come up with questions for their curriculum.

If are looking for a preschool-at-home guide that gives you lessons and lesson plans, then this book is for you. If you’re looking for something with a more natural approach to learning, then the book that I use and wrote “How to Homeschool Kindergarten” would be better for you.

Let me know your thoughts on this issue…

 Kitchen Table Play and Learn Review

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