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Math Facts – Factsfirst by Saxon

header Math Facts   Factsfirst by SaxonIf your child is struggling with their math facts, they might benefit from an online math program like Factsfirst. I was able to review this program with my children for the TOS crew of product testers.

We really liked this program. The instructions were complete and easy to follow. The voice of the lady giving the instructions was kind yet motivational. I didn’t realize that Saxon produced this online program.

My children loved the fact that they could make their person on this program to see throughout their practice. The program emphasized typing speed at first which then translated into math fact speed.

Each time they finish a lesson they see a large chart telling them where they are in mastering either their addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts. There are pretests and post tests for each level of these facts.

After several lessons the students get to play games that reinforce what they are learning in a fun way. I felt that it was fairly easy to move through the program. I also liked the idea of reinforcing mastery of the math facts they were supposed to be learning.

There were only 2 drawbacks that I could see. One is that you can only practice one type of facts. If you click on addition, you will only practice addition facts and never mix in any subtraction along with it. It’s not a big deal because students should really get familiar with a certain type of facts and know it well before moving on to a different type of math fact.

The other minor drawback was that at first it seemed like there were too many facts to practice. They kept asking them to complete 10 facts and just when you thought you were done, there was another set of facts. My son eventually got used to this and now knows that he will have more than 20-30 facts to do each time he logs on.

I liked the instruction part of the videos too. It walked them through what they needed to do and helped them see how fast they needed to answer. At the end of their practice session, it tells them how many questions they answered quickly, how many they answered slowly, and how many they answered incorrectly.

Parents can view progress charts at any time. The site is very easy to navigate through. When your child logs in each time there is a line at the top that tells them what math facts to work on this lesson based on what they did in the previous lessons.

Factsfirst is just $49.99 for a one-year home license for 1-4 children. It’s a great way to help your children master all their math facts in a fun and motivational way.

 Math Facts   Factsfirst by Saxon
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