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More Internet Field Trips

I’m back with even more fun Internet field trips that you can use to enhance your homeschool learning. There is SO much information on the Internet that it boggles my mind.  Some sites have pictures, some have video and all have been sifted through my filter of “interesting places to see.”

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History –  The exhibit featured here is the Sant Ocean Hall. I never realized how much space the ocean actually takes up on the planet and how vital it is to our survival. Scroll down and click on the map of the exhibit hall. You can click on the different exhibits and get more information about that animal or section of the ocean. You will be able to see pictures of the 45 foot model of the North Atlantic Right Whale. Click around the site and browse over the exhibits and learn all about the ocean.

Butterfly Collection –  Flip through these pages and find out everything you want to know about butterflies and moths. The site includes resources, habitats and basics about butterflies and moths. You can view different butterflies in their different habitats. Do you know the difference between a butterfly and a moth? Do you know how butterflies hide from their predators? Do you know the stages of a butterfly’s life? You will know the answer to these questions and more after you look over this site.

Virtual Tour of NUMMI Car Plant – This site offers a virtual tour of the joint venture plant betweenGM and Toyota. The plant was reopend in 1984 and now employes 5.700 people. You will see how a 25,000 pound roll of steel is transformed into a truck. Just click “next” below the picture so that you can see all 39 pictures included in this tour.

I hope you have enjoyed these Internet field trips. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I will be posting more….

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