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I'm a veteran homeschool mom with 4 children. I love sharing what I know about homeschooling and hearing from others about their concerns and successes.

21 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

Someone sent me this Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection. It’s pretty cool!  You take apart an owl pellet and then it tells you the names of the bones and where it fits for reconstruction. This is a lot better than me trying to figure out what part it is and where it fits.  I’m going to […]

18 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

Kindergarten homeschool – What should you do?

Many people ask me what they should do to start out in homeschooling.  Here’s what I tell them….

15 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

Apologia Homeschool

Apologia homeschool company has undergone some changes this last year and have partnered with several homeschool authors. I don’t know if Apologia Press is new but I do know that they have recently published the updated version of  The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell. I remember owning this book many years ago

12 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

How to teach writing the alphabet plus my favorite books

Here’s an ebook that I have used to teach my son how to write his letters. It’s only $1.99 but it’s awesome! I wish I had known about this when I taught my daughters how to write. He loves it too. Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Alphabet Book This site has some great homeschool tools that you […]

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How do you choose a curriculum or do you choose one at all?

The maze of knowing how to choose a curriculum can overwhelm even the most veteran homeschool mom. Here is some simple advice you can use to help you decide, decipher and fell peaceful about whatever you choose…..

06 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

Career Exploration for High School Students Review

Career exploration for High School students can be fun and exciting. After all these years of home schooling, your child can start to investigate what it is he/she will be able to do the rest of their life. The little weE-book published by the Old Schoolhouse Magazine called Career Exploration for High School Students  introduces […]

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Welcome to Homeschool Resources

Whether you’re a veteran homeschooler or beginner, we all love to hear other homeschool Moms talk about what works for them and their children. I’ve created this blog to provide information for you. As I expand this, I will include free reports and articles and links to my favorite homeschool websites and tools. I look […]

30 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

What do parents use to homeschool

There are many different methods that can be used to homeschool your children.  I wrote an article that gives you some insight into what is available, popular and not-so-popular to use for homeschooling. You can read more here…

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Holiday Planning Tips

We’re getting down to crunch-time now so I thought I would include some holiday planning tips. You’re probably feeling the pressure

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More Thanksgiving Resources

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Thanksgiving resources.To start things off, here is a website that you can go to that has detailed instructions on how to make a cornhusk doll. For a cute Thanksgiving centerpiece you can

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Quarter Mile Math

I received a review copy of Quarter Mile Math about a month ago. I had heard of this program before but never had a chance to use it. As with any program you use

18 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

Educational Toys for Christmas

While it’s easy to slip into the buying frenzy of Christmas, I think most homeschool parents would prefer educational toys for Christmas because it fosters learning.  At our house, I find that most of the toys that are bought end up just sitting around cluttering the house up because they just aren’t that interesting anymore. […]

15 August 2012 ~ 2 Comments

Super Star Speech

Recently I had the opportunity to become familiar with Super Star Speech. If my children had speech problems, I would strongly consider getting it because I love to be able to do things at home on my own.

12 August 2012 ~ 1 Comment

College From Home

College from home is a concept that is gaining more and more popularity. We homeschool our children up through High School, why not keep going? With the Internet almost anything is possible these days.

09 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

Sue Patrick Workbox System

I had the privilege of receiving a review copy of the Sue Patrick Workbox System for being on the Old Schoolhouse Crew review team. I can’t believe that I have never seen this system before after all these years of homeschooling. What is it you ask? Basically,

06 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

College Prep Genius Part 2

After looking over College Prep Genius some more and now that we have our ACT scores back, I thought I would post about this course again. Like I said in my last post, my daughter

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Potato Chip Factory – Virtual Tour

High gas prices have you strapped? Don’t feel like you can take your family to any fun places? Why not try some virtual field trips for fun. Nothing is the same as being there, but you can at least see some new things you have never seen before. Here’s an interesting virtual field trip that […]

31 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Free Homeschool Curriculum

Some think it is impossible to get free homeschool curriculum, but I say if you know where to look, it is very possible.  I read a book a few years back called Homeschool Your Child For Free. It talked mostly about

28 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Lesson Planet Review

I found yet another website that I had not discovered before called Lesson Planet. I received a free membership for a couple of months for review and boy was I surprised….

25 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Free Homeschool Math Part 2

Here are some more free homeschool math sites where you can print worksheets or just use for games. Whether you need a completely free curriculum

22 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Virtual Tours for Homeschooling

Here are some more virtual tours for homeschooling that I came across recently. I thought I would share them with you.

19 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool Burnout

Someone wrote and asked me a question about what to do if you feel burned out on homeschooling or if you aren’t sure if you’re doing too many unnecessary things in homeschooling.  Here is my answer.  I thought I would share it with all of you too: Thank you for your kind words.  Yes, I […]

15 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Math Mammoth

Some of us in the Homeschool Crew received some Math Mammoth books to review. Since my son is 8 and has a pretty good understanding of his addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts, I chose to review Introduction to Fractions and Early Geometry. Both books are

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Lapbooks from Journey Through Learning

Did you know that Journey Through Learning provides lapbook resources for those of us that are just not creative enough to put together a lapbook?  I have always loved the thought of lapbooks, but wouldn’t even know where to begin to put one together. That’s where Journey Through Learning comes in.

09 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Math Problems Solved

Have you ever been stuck on a math problem and just couldn’t figure it out? Well, WebMath can help you the next time that happens. You just choose the area you are having trouble with and then enter the problem. This is especially helpful for upper level math. Here’s the link… WebMath.