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Grading With a Purple Crayon Review

Last year I received the book Grading With a Purple Crayon for review. The subtitle is “A Developmental Approach to High School Composition for Homeschooling Families” and the book was written by Dena M. Luchsinger. All I can say is “Wow” and “Oh, how I wish I had had this book sooner!” The book is […]

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Bright Ideas Press

I received several books from Bright Ideas Press. Some of them I have seen before and some I had not. You can tell that they work hard at providing quality materials for students. The first book (set of books) that I want to mention is The Mystery of History

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Cheap Homeschool Books

Here are a few ideas for finding cheap homeschool books. Depending on how much money and time you have, will determine how diligently you use this advice. If you have hardly any money to spend on homeschooling,

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Homeschool Your Child for Free

What a novel idea to homeschool your child for free…. In this day and age of layoffs, cutbacks, and downsizing, many families probably think they don’t have the money to homeschool anymore. I thought it was time for me to address this subject since homeschooling on a shoestring is near and dear to my heart. […]

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Kitchen Table Play and Learn Review

I recently came across a book called Kitchen Table Play and Learn by Copley & Custer. The subtitle caught my attention “Activities and lessons for building your preschooler’s vital developmental skills. The book starts out with some questions that someone would have when starting out this book. Then it moves into

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Kindergarten homeschool – What should you do?

Many people ask me what they should do to start out in homeschooling.  Here’s what I tell them….

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Apologia Homeschool

Apologia homeschool company has undergone some changes this last year and have partnered with several homeschool authors. I don’t know if Apologia Press is new but I do know that they have recently published the updated version of  The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell. I remember owning this book many years ago

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Sue Patrick Workbox System

I had the privilege of receiving a review copy of the Sue Patrick Workbox System for being on the Old Schoolhouse Crew review team. I can’t believe that I have never seen this system before after all these years of homeschooling. What is it you ask? Basically,

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Free Homeschool Curriculum

Some think it is impossible to get free homeschool curriculum, but I say if you know where to look, it is very possible.  I read a book a few years back called Homeschool Your Child For Free. It talked mostly about

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Lesson Planet Review

I found yet another website that I had not discovered before called Lesson Planet. I received a free membership for a couple of months for review and boy was I surprised….

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Free Homeschool Math Part 2

Here are some more free homeschool math sites where you can print worksheets or just use for games. Whether you need a completely free curriculum

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Math Mammoth

Some of us in the Homeschool Crew received some Math Mammoth books to review. Since my son is 8 and has a pretty good understanding of his addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts, I chose to review Introduction to Fractions and Early Geometry. Both books are

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Raymond and Dorothy Moore Homeschool

I met Raymond and Dorothy Moore at a homeschool seminar about 10 years ago in Ohio.  They were pretty advanced in years even at that time, but had such a wonderful heart that transcended their years.  They talked at the seminar all day

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Homeschool Reviews

Sometimes it’s fun to look over reviews of homeschool curriculum written by another homeschool Mom.  It’s good to research something before you buy it especially if it is going to cost you a lot of money! Don’t discount

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ABC Teach Review

I’m sure many public school teachers have heard of ABC Teach, but I don’t  know how many homeschoolers have ever seen this great site. You can find over 5000 pages of free worksheets and pages you can print to use for homeschooling. If you like what you see and want even more,

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Homeschool Mentoring in Action

I recently received a review copy of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s new weE-book on homeschool mentoring in action. It’s called Missing in Action or Mentoring in Action? If you’re not familiar with weE-books, basically they are just books that

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27 March 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Homeschool High School Planning

When thinking about homeschool high school planning, many Moms start breaking out into a cold sweat. Teaching reading, writing and math have become a routine now, but those high school subjects can be pretty intimidating. If you sit down when your child is in 7th or 8th grade and start filling in when they will […]

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Homeschool Laws

If you have been looking into homeschooling for any length of time, you know that there are homeschool laws and that they are different for every state.

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Discount Abeka

Is there such a thing as discount Abeka curriculum? It seems to me from all my searching on the Internet that

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Cerebellum Corporation

I had the privilege of reviewing the Cerebellum Corporation AP learning video. The one I received was called Light Speed US Government and Politics. They provide lots of DVDs but have launched a new series specifically for students preparing for the AP exams

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Homeschool History Video

I recently found a great homeschool history video that I thought was entertaining enough to hold my teens attention, yet educational enough to teach them something. I emailed it to each of my teenage daughters and told them to watch it on their own and email me back what they thought of it.  I even […]

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Aleks Math Review

In the past year I came across a program called Aleks (which stands for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces). Basically it is an online math system where you can enroll your children in a course and let them do all their math work online. The course keeps track of their progress and sends reports […]

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Homeschool Math

What kind of supplies or tools do you need to teach homeschool Math?  Math doesn’t have to be a chore.  When things get stale, change things up and have a good attitude.  Whole some writing is required in math, in the early grades you can teach

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Top 10 Reasons to Teach Phonics

I just received my latest newsletter from CurrClick and came across a great article entitled “Top 10 Reasons to Teach Phonics.” I thought they made some great points so I wanted to share it with you. CurrClick is a fun site where

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Homeschool Library Builder

Homeschool Library Builder is a free site that you can join (for free) to help you find books for a literature based homeschool program like

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