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Grading With a Purple Crayon Review

Last year I received the book Grading With a Purple Crayon for review. The subtitle is “A Developmental Approach to High School Composition for Homeschooling Families” and the book was written by Dena M. Luchsinger. All I can say is “Wow” and “Oh, how I wish I had had this book sooner!” The book is […]

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Kitchen Table Play and Learn Review

I recently came across a book called Kitchen Table Play and Learn by Copley & Custer. The subtitle caught my attention “Activities and lessons for building your preschooler’s vital developmental skills. The book starts out with some questions that someone would have when starting out this book. Then it moves into

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How do you choose a curriculum or do you choose one at all?

The maze of knowing how to choose a curriculum can overwhelm even the most veteran homeschool mom. Here is some simple advice you can use to help you decide, decipher and fell peaceful about whatever you choose…..

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What do parents use to homeschool

There are many different methods that can be used to homeschool your children.  I wrote an article that gives you some insight into what is available, popular and not-so-popular to use for homeschooling. You can read more here…

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12 August 2012 ~ 1 Comment

College From Home

College from home is a concept that is gaining more and more popularity. We homeschool our children up through High School, why not keep going? With the Internet almost anything is possible these days.

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Raymond and Dorothy Moore Homeschool

I met Raymond and Dorothy Moore at a homeschool seminar about 10 years ago in Ohio.  They were pretty advanced in years even at that time, but had such a wonderful heart that transcended their years.  They talked at the seminar all day

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Math is Fun for All Ages

I found this website called Math is Fun.  Most of the time when you find an interactive website it is mostly for younger children learning their basic facts.  This website tackles Algebra and Geometry too! Your choices here are: Data Geometry Puzzles Money Algebra Numbers Games Dictionary Worksheets Measurement This site is different than any […]

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Do you need a homeschool curriculum?

Many people purchase a homeschool curriculum every year, but is it necessary?  Are you thinking about putting together your own resources or purchasing a curriculum this year?  This article will help you get some insight and make an informed decision whatever option you choose.  Read more here…

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All About Spelling Beehive Reader

As part of the TOS homeschool crew, I was able to review the book Beehive Reader. We loved the All About Spelling program, so I figured I was getting another high quality product. Little did I know

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Top 10 Reasons to Teach Phonics

I just received my latest newsletter from CurrClick and came across a great article entitled “Top 10 Reasons to Teach Phonics.” I thought they made some great points so I wanted to share it with you. CurrClick is a fun site where

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Do you need home school curriculum?

With so many curriculums out there it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose or if you should choose one at all. This article that I wrote gives you some guidelines for how to know whether homeschool curriculum is for you or if you should choose a different format. Discover how simple it […]

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7 Habits

The 7 Habits books have become very popular. There are books for adults, teens, and business people. Here’s my opinion on what the 7 habits of successful homeschoolers would be. You can read them all here….

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Homeschool Library Builder

Homeschool Library Builder is a free site that you can join (for free) to help you find books for a literature based homeschool program like

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Homeschool Tools

I have written an article I think will be useful to you: What kind of tools do you need to homeschool? Just as a carpenter needs tools to do his job, a mom needs tools to be able to homeschool her children. The tools don’t have to be fancy, but they do need to be […]

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