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Grading With a Purple Crayon Review

Last year I received the book Grading With a Purple Crayon for review. The subtitle is “A Developmental Approach to High School Composition for Homeschooling Families” and the book was written by Dena M. Luchsinger. All I can say is “Wow” and “Oh, how I wish I had had this book sooner!” The book is […]

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One of a Kind Literacy and Activity Bags Review

I was pleasantly surprised when I received my One of a Kind Literacy and Activity Bags package. What a cute idea! The bag I received had a snowman theme (There were lots more items than what is pictured here). So many items I received have been assimilated into our household already, but I know there […]

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Homeschool Freebies – How to Find and Use Them

How to have a great year using homeschool freebies . . . Finding homeschool freebies can sometimes be a difficult task because of the vastness of the Internet. I’ve created a page and listed all the best places to find these freebies. There are websites, planners, worksheets, math pages and more. Why try to find […]

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Apologia Homeschool

Apologia homeschool company has undergone some changes this last year and have partnered with several homeschool authors. I don’t know if Apologia Press is new but I do know that they have recently published the updated version of  The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell. I remember owning this book many years ago

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What do parents use to homeschool

There are many different methods that can be used to homeschool your children.  I wrote an article that gives you some insight into what is available, popular and not-so-popular to use for homeschooling. You can read more here…

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Quarter Mile Math

I received a review copy of Quarter Mile Math about a month ago. I had heard of this program before but never had a chance to use it. As with any program you use

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Educational Toys for Christmas

While it’s easy to slip into the buying frenzy of Christmas, I think most homeschool parents would prefer educational toys for Christmas because it fosters learning.  At our house, I find that most of the toys that are bought end up just sitting around cluttering the house up because they just aren’t that interesting anymore. […]

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Sue Patrick Workbox System

I had the privilege of receiving a review copy of the Sue Patrick Workbox System for being on the Old Schoolhouse Crew review team. I can’t believe that I have never seen this system before after all these years of homeschooling. What is it you ask? Basically,

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Homeschool Burnout

Someone wrote and asked me a question about what to do if you feel burned out on homeschooling or if you aren’t sure if you’re doing too many unnecessary things in homeschooling.  Here is my answer.  I thought I would share it with all of you too: Thank you for your kind words.  Yes, I […]

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Homeschool Typing

When looking at homeschool typing programs, there are many free programs on the internet that are available. Are these programs enough? Do they cover all the bases and have enough incentives built in to make it interesting for the student? In my opinion, I think it’s important to have a complete typing program if you […]

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Math Tutor DVD

This time I’m going to review two DVDs I received from Math Tutor DVD as part of the TOS homeschool review crew. The DVDs are called “The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor” and “Young Minds Numbers and Counting.” I never knew any of these kinds of DVDs existed. The word problem

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Homeschool Reviews

Sometimes it’s fun to look over reviews of homeschool curriculum written by another homeschool Mom.  It’s good to research something before you buy it especially if it is going to cost you a lot of money! Don’t discount

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ABC Teach Review

I’m sure many public school teachers have heard of ABC Teach, but I don’t  know how many homeschoolers have ever seen this great site. You can find over 5000 pages of free worksheets and pages you can print to use for homeschooling. If you like what you see and want even more,

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Homeschool Field Trips

If you’re anything like me, one of the few things you remember about public school were the field trips. We’re they fun? That’s what I like so much about homeschooling – we can take field trips to so many interesting places! I’ve written up some homeschool field trip ideas on

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Keyboarding Lessons

Recently I was able to review a program that includes keyboarding lessons. The program is called Keyboarding for the Christian School. This can easily be used for homeschooling too. In this age of computers students need to know how to type. These ebooks reminded me of how I learned to type back in school. The […]

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7 Habits of Successful Homeschoolers

Here are a couple of articles that I have written that I thought you might like to read. 7 Habits of Successful Homeschoolers 7  Essentials for Homeschooling Let me know if you have any comments or anything to add about these lists.

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Famous Homeschoolers

Want to be inspired to homeschool?  Check out this page of famous homeschoolers.  http://www.homeschool-how-to.com/famous-homeschoolers.html Some of them overcame overwhelming odds and some were just ordinary people who wanted to help their children learn in the best way possible for them.  The football player was interesting to me since I thought homeschoolers couldn’t play high school […]

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Homeschool Language Resources

This week I’d like to give you some information about Language resources for homeschooling. I’ve written a simple plan at my website

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How to Buy and Sell Used Homeschool Curriculum

Last time I wrote to you about homeschooling your child for free. In order to make that concept work, you have to know a few things about buying and selling used homeschool books. I have been buying and selling homeschool books and curriculum online for years. Maybe some of you have never done that or […]

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26 January 2012 ~ 1 Comment

All About Spelling

When asked to review the program All About Spelling, I have to admit that I rolled my eyes a bit before I received my packet. My 3 older girls are not good spellers at all! We tried all kinds of

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As part of the Homeschool Crew AVKO has issued us a membership to their site in exchange for an honest review. I’ll give you my best attempt at telling you what this site has to offer and what I think about it. AVKO is a non-profit organization the uses multi-sensory methods to teach

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All About Spelling Beehive Reader

As part of the TOS homeschool crew, I was able to review the book Beehive Reader. We loved the All About Spelling program, so I figured I was getting another high quality product. Little did I know

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Do you need home school curriculum?

With so many curriculums out there it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose or if you should choose one at all. This article that I wrote gives you some guidelines for how to know whether homeschool curriculum is for you or if you should choose a different format. Discover how simple it […]

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Avoid Homeschool Burnout

Homeschool burnout can happen at any time of year, but Spring time seems to be a popular time for it. If you’re suffering from homeschool burnout, feel it coming on or just want to find some ideas on how to avoid it if it happens to creep in, then you’ll want to look at this […]

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7 Habits

The 7 Habits books have become very popular. There are books for adults, teens, and business people. Here’s my opinion on what the 7 habits of successful homeschoolers would be. You can read them all here….

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