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Free Math Resources

You can check out Flash Card Math here and see all they have to offer. You can print your own flashcards and worksheets.  This is the coolest math and free worksheet  site I have seen.  There are also interactive flash cards here too that your child can do with cute characters.

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Free Homeschool Math Part 2

Here are some more free homeschool math sites where you can print worksheets or just use for games. Whether you need a completely free curriculum

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Math Mammoth

Some of us in the Homeschool Crew received some Math Mammoth books to review. Since my son is 8 and has a pretty good understanding of his addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts, I chose to review Introduction to Fractions and Early Geometry. Both books are

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I was able to review Mathscore as part of the TOS crew of product testers. Mathscore is a

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Math Tutor DVD

This time I’m going to review two DVDs I received from Math Tutor DVD as part of the TOS homeschool review crew. The DVDs are called “The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor” and “Young Minds Numbers and Counting.” I never knew any of these kinds of DVDs existed. The word problem

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Math is Fun for All Ages

I found this website called Math is Fun.  Most of the time when you find an interactive website it is mostly for younger children learning their basic facts.  This website tackles Algebra and Geometry too! Your choices here are: Data Geometry Puzzles Money Algebra Numbers Games Dictionary Worksheets Measurement This site is different than any […]

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Free Homeschool Math

There are various websites that offer free homeschool math worksheets so I thought I would list some of them for you here.

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26 November 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Homeschool Multiplication Help

Here is a website I found that is really fun for children (especially boys) to help reinforce their times tables. You can download the program for free. They have to answer multiplication facts before they can open doors in the castle. This program makes you want to enter the answers so that you can keep […]

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Homeschool Math

What kind of supplies or tools do you need to teach homeschool Math?  Math doesn’t have to be a chore.  When things get stale, change things up and have a good attitude.  Whole some writing is required in math, in the early grades you can teach

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Teaching about Banking and Money

I used to be a bank teller and love working with money.  This is a great site for teaching kids about banking and money http://www.kidsbank.com/ You can choose the java or non-java version when viewing this site.  Here’s a quote from the site: “We suggest you begin your journey with Penny, following through to Dollar […]

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Math Galaxy

The math software Math Galaxy is produced by Galaxy of Education. I was able to review their Whole Numbers Fun software program. Their philosophy is that children need

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Financial Accounting Course

I had the privilege of reviewing a Financial Accounting Course called Professor in a Box, designed especially for homeschool students. Since one of my daughters is a senior and would like to go into business for herself as an esthetician (spa owner), I thought that this would be a good course for her to take. […]

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