18 November 2012 ~ Comments Off

Bright Ideas Press

I received several books from Bright Ideas Press. Some of them I have seen before and some I had not. You can tell that they work hard at providing quality materials for students. The first book (set of books) that I want to mention is The Mystery of History

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21 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

Someone sent me this Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection. It’s pretty cool!  You take apart an owl pellet and then it tells you the names of the bones and where it fits for reconstruction. This is a lot better than me trying to figure out what part it is and where it fits.  I’m going to […]

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15 August 2012 ~ 2 Comments

Super Star Speech

Recently I had the opportunity to become familiar with Super Star Speech. If my children had speech problems, I would strongly consider getting it because I love to be able to do things at home on my own.

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14 November 2011 ~ Comments Off

Moon Sand Review

Here’s my moon sand review. My son has been wanting Moon Sand for a very long time. I finally broke down and let him get some. He got the Moon Sand Castle Play although we debated getting the Moon Sand Adventure Island.  It’s fun to touch and squeeze and I must say that they have […]

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04 November 2011 ~ Comments Off

Gatorade Deep Body Tour

Here is a little slide show that shows what Gatorade does for each of your body systems when it enters your bloodstream.  You can view it in about a minute. Your children might enjoy watching this and learn something too!  http://www.gssiweb.comDeepBodyTour.aspx For more homeschool articles, tips and resources check out Homeschool-How-To

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More Picture Books to Use for Homeschool Science

I have found more picture books to use for Homeschool Science, so I thought I would share them with you. So many moms think they have to teach a ton of Science or get a curriculum to be able to teach effectively. For the younger grades, I believe

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19 June 2011 ~ Comments Off

Homeschool Library Builder

Homeschool Library Builder is a free site that you can join (for free) to help you find books for a literature based homeschool program like

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25 June 2010 ~ Comments Off

Science Buddies

If you’re planning on doing a science fair project or just want to do a science project each week, then this is the site for you. They have Science fair ideas, Science news, resources and teacher resources.  There is a step by step guide on how to do a Science fair project along with all […]

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15 February 2010 ~ Comments Off

Cool Science Website

Here’s a website that could get your children excited (or even more excited) about Science.  It’s Robert Krampf’s Science Website.  He has free Science videos, an experiment of the week and live science demonstrations.  If you’re like me and always mess up those Science experiments or just want a scientist to perform your experiments for […]

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