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Teach Your Child to Read

I wish I had the secret formula to teach your child to read. I would be rich if I did.  Many people have tried to create a book or video or CD that can accomplish this task.

I have 4 children and still really don’t know how they learned to read. I know we used Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons for most of our reading instruction, but I didn’t really follow it completely. I didn’t do any of the writing instruction in it. We just drew pictures and titled them instead. I didn’t want to have to teach reading and writing all together at one time in the day.

I have asked my children how they learned to read and they really can’t tell me either. My 7 year old son just learned to read. What a rewarding experience to one day finally be able to have him pick up just about anything in the house and be able to read it! Once you can read you can learn anything.

What we DID do to teach reading was to provide a print-rich environment and work at it a little each day. Those are probably the key ingredients to any reading program. We have books here that I read to them each day and we go to the library or order books from the library that interest us. Keep reading to them and read on your own. If they see you reading and learning, they will want to follow your lead. I’ve heard that it is a proven fact that how well a child does in school is directly related to how many books they have at home.  We’re certainly well on our way to having plenty of books here.

The other thing I mentioned was working a little bit each day. Just point out letters, signs and words as you go along in your daily routine. You can take some time to go through a book like Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, but make it fun and do a little at a time. “Little by little gets the job done.” is a favorite phrase of mine.

It’s not rocket science to teach your child to read. Just enjoy your time together and work at it a little at a time and your child will be reading when it “clicks” for him/her.

 Teach Your Child to Read

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